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James Metzger

Of Counsel


James brings a varied and extensive background to his practice of law.


In 1978, he graduated with a B.A. in English from Yale University, where he won a prize for distinguished undergraduate fiction writing.  Following graduation, he worked as a manager for an international non-profit meditation and yoga foundation, facilitating yoga programs across the United States.  He lived in India for two years at the yoga retreat depicted in the book, “Eat Pray Love.” 


In 1998, James graduated from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.  His first job out of law school was clerking for a federal Magistrate Judge, where his duties included reviewing, inter alia, appeals from criminal convictions, denials of administrative appeals, and complaints of civil rights violations.  James also reviewed discovery disputes, monitored pre-trial proceedings, and assisted at federal trials.  He participated in the drafting of numerous court orders, some of which resulted in published opinions. 


In 2002, James left the federal court to become a litigator, primarily in defense of insured parties, but occasionally representing plaintiffs as well.  His insurance defense experience includes defending a national ladder manufacturer and numerous aviation-related businesses.  He has assisted with trials, taken and defended depositions, and won many dispositive motions, in both California and federal courts. 


In 2009, James returned to the federal courts, where he worked as a research attorney for several more years until he retired from government service. 


James is now pleased to be back doing insurance defense, the work he enjoyed as some of the most stimulating and rewarding of his career. 




  • B.A., English, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

  • J.D., Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California

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